Custom-Made Crowns and Bridges


What Are Crowns?

Crowns are caps, typically made from porcelain, that are attached to the top of a tooth.

What Crowns Do For Your Teeth

Crowns are used for tooth restoration after removing severe decay or a root canal procedure. The crown helps with restoring function, strength, and appearance of a damaged tooth. Call (901) 756-8111 today to see if crowns are right for you.
Custom Made Crown — Crowns in Cordova, TN

Crown Procedure

Burgess Dental will reduce the tooth down so we can make an impression of the tooth, then create a custom crown from the impression. In some cases, we will fit you with a temporary crown, until your permanent one is finished. With proper care and cleaning, your crown can last up to 8 years and sometimes even longer.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges are a dental appliance that replaces a section or row of missing teeth.

What Bridges Do For Your Teeth

This barely noticeable dental application replaces missing teeth, restores the natural color of teeth as well as a proper bite alignment between your upper and lower teeth. There are two types of bridges, removable and fixed. Call (901) 756-8111 today to schedule an appointment for a bridge consultation.
Teeth with Bridges — Dental Bridge in Cordova, TN