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Dental Fillings That Match Our Cordova Patients’ Natural Teeth Color

Have you been ignoring mouth pain because you suspect a cavity but don’t want an obvious repair to show in your smile? If you suspect you have a cavity, don’t delay treatment. Instead, let the gentle professionals at Burgess Dental give you an evaluation and explain the tooth filling procedure to you. Our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and a convenient setting. While there are many options for dental fillings, we use no silver ones.

Unnoticeable Cavity Repair Options

For over 180 years, dentists have used silver-colored amalgam to repair cavities. Though tried and true, many people dislike the repaired look and some of the contents, like mercury, included in the material. Gold is also used for repairs, but again, the contrasting color bothers many people. Our office specializes in tooth-colored fillings that are functional and attractive. With over 30 years in practice, we have the experience to restore your mouth so you look and feel your best. Depending on your particular situation, the dentist will treat you with either a composite resin or ceramic option. The resin is made of fine glass particles and plastic that is applied in layers and hardened with a blue light. Ceramics, used for inlays, crowns and more, are usually made of porcelain. Both of these types of white fillings look more like your permanent teeth. After an initial examination, the dentist will go over the treatment plan so you fully understand which option is the most effective for your situation.

Caring for Smiles in the Fisherville and Lenow Areas

Don’t let temporary cosmetic concerns keep you from seeking the treatment you need in Lenow, Fisherville or Cordova. Come see the caring staff at Burgess Dental to learn more about treatment options and techniques. To schedule an appointment, or to get more information, call us at 901-756-8111.