Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Burgess Dental provides an option to cavity filling that truly makes a difference in our patient's eyes.

Traditionally cavities are filled with gold or silver amalgam that may not be aesthetically pleasing. Even though this method is highly regarded, Burgess Dental provides a newer, better way to repair cavities.

These state of the art fillings, often called white fillings, are designed to blend in with your teeth so that your smile looks more natural. Call (901) 756-8111 today for a cavity checkup.

What Tooth Colored Fillings Are Made Of?

These fillings consist of either a composite resin or ceramic. The resin is made of glass particles and plastic that is applied layer by layer, and then hardened with blue UV light. The ceramic filling is made of porcelain.
Tooth with Cavity — Teeth Cleaning in Cordova, TN
Cavity Filling — Teeth Cleaning in Cordova, TN